The Rainbow has undergone a full refurbishment allowing us to highlight the spacious areas within, The Great Hall, The Snug and The Main Hall. We have kept the original hearths allowing us to provide natural wood fires in the original fireplaces.

The repurposed pews from St Elizabeth's Church have been utilised by keeping a part of the old town within our bar.

Our bar has been fitted with specialist designed bar fonts to supply us with as many interesting beers as possible, whilst allowing us to utilise local ale breweries; Long Man and Harveys; to rotate through our hand pumps.

Our General Manager has teamed up with the Kitchen and Bar Manager to provide the bar with some infused cocktails to get the evening started. The real fun then starts with the main menu and we close the evening off with a selection of home-made desserts and specialty drinks.

As the seasons change so will our beverages making sure that we remain fresh, current and seasonal.


The Great Room

The Great Room holds the secrets to the oldest part of the building. This beautiful space, surrounding the homes' original fireplace and chalk wall, give us all a glimpse into how wonderful this space must have been to entertain guests in its original capacity. Now you get the chance to invite your friends along to dine and drink together and become part of the room's history of memories.

Not only that but The Great Room is a fantastic space for hosting larger gatherings, our kitchen offer a variety of party nibbles and buffet style menus to help you feed and entertain your guests. Contact us directly to discuss your function and individual requirements, we would love to help make your event a fantastic one.

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The Snug

The Snug is the smallest of our areas inside the pub, as the name suggests, and holds a special place in the heart of a few Eastbourne residents as they remember fondly dining in here on first dates with their partners in the 1970s. We have tried to keep this theme alive by using this space as an area for everyone to enjoy on a cold evening. Brighter inside now, it still glows with the warmth of the years gone by, and those memories created by the laughing friends and families, returning once again to find their favourite seats, hidden away in our Snug.

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We recommend booking your tables for lunch and dinner to avoid disappointment, we do our best to accommodate all walk ins, subject to availability.

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