A Bright New Beginning

In showing this building some love, local businesswoman Shoes Simes has said that she hopes to help make her pub more food-led and family friendly. In doing so she hopes to turn this local building of historical importance into an establishment for local families and friends to enjoy together.

It all started many years ago when she first saw the building and she knew straight away that this was the pub for her. Now, finally, her dream has come true and with a full refurbishment, this pub is now ready to be revealed to Eastbourne in all its glory. Historically functioning as a private residence, eventually turning into a restaurant in the 1970s before it boomed as a pub trading as The Rainbow, seeing a new lease of life as the garden grew to be a popular haunt of all in old town and eventually renaming as The Counting House.

Now, with Shoes at the helm, the refurbishment has brought along a change of name back to The Rainbow, with it a focus on food once again.

History of the Rainbow Pub

The Rainbow's beautiful and interesting architecture has undergone many changes over the years. We felt we wanted to know more about the history of the building, the changes that were made and to really understand its journey to becoming what you see today.

We commissioned a detailed Historic Building report to uncover the details surrounding The Rainbow's development, going back as far as 1841 when it was owned by Mary Ann Gilbert, Lord of the Manor at the time.

Please download the PDF below and read all about the history of our great pub. Even better, come down for a drink and read it on your device using our Wi-Fi!



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